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Whitelabel and Unbranded Go High Level Support Documentation Sites

From veteran tech wizards and customer support champions. We're a dedicated, 24/7, 365 technical and customer support services with unlimited plans available for you, your agency team, and even whitelabel direct to your clients. We provide customizations to your High Level whitelabel install, client account onboarding, automation, custom add ons, custom code, and so much more!


Client Account Onboarding to Whitelabel Service, We have it all

Full Documentation

Whitelabel, unbranded screenshots, step by step documentation for ease of use

Up To Date

We stay current on new features and updates to existing, so you can focus on your leads and sales.

Personal Dashboard

You'll have your own secure area to manage your help doc site, look and feel, titles, and more. Self Service!

Simple Subscription Management

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account anytime, all from the simple to use personal dashboard.

Personalized Design

You can customize your look and feel, logo, your domain, and more. (Not all features available on all accounts)

Secure Communications

Any direct communication with your clients and accounts is done via secure SSL connections and no access to private information is available


Other Agencies Are Focusing On What's Important

  • Nick V. Testimonial

    Nick V.

    Creating an automated tool to perform some of the tasks that I did manually for my agency clients saves me a tonne of time and money. With GHL.Tools, I was able to save myself hundreds of hours of work
  • Chris W. Testimonial

    Chris W.

    Not having to answer customer and client inquiries about the tool has freed up the team to help them with their leads and marketing instead of fiddling with the system. They also love being able to learn the day to day things themselves on their own time.

    GHL Tools Pricing

    Select Which Support Documentation Install Suits You And Your Business Below.



    • Customizable Help Doc Site
    • Custom Help Popup Icon Widget
    • DIY Support Email Ticketing System
    • 1 Forward Email
    • Update Your Logo + Domain
    • Monthly Updates



    • Unlimited Access To Our PRO Toolkit
    • Customizable Help Doc Site
    • Custom Help Popup Icon Widget
    • Up To 2hrs Per Day Agency Support
    • Update Your Logo + Domain
    • Monthly Updates



    • Customizable Help Doc Site
    • Update Your Logo
    • Your Own SubDomain
    • Monthly Updates

    Want us to whitelabel support your clients directly? We do Per-Client pricing. Reach out for a call today.

    Fully Configurable Look And Feel

    GHL Docs Screenshot


    Self-Service Updates For New/Updated Docs

    GHL Docs Screenshot